Celebration cakes

I am always on the look out for a really good gluten free celebration cake, not only for people to get for me on my birthday! but also for occasions where I will be attending a party and I want to be able to eat the cake on offer.  I will add different brands to this page as and when I try them out to let you know how they fayre.

One company I have ordered a few gluten free cakes from is Especially Delicious, I have found their cakes to be fantastic quality, light, fluffy and beautifully designed.  I have attached some pictures of 2 sets of cupcakes I have tried, one I ordered for a new mum meet up I organised with my NCT group when we had all had our babies, (hence the baby theme), and the other set of gluten free chocolate cupcakes, my husband got for my birthday get-together this year and they were chocolate sponge with vanilla frosting.  I really do rate this company and I would give these cupcakes 9/10!

Verified by Jools of course