Thursday, 13 February 2014

New monthly gluten free box of goodies from Crate of Nothing

I felt real excitement when waiting for my crate to arrive last week! For those of you who haven't heard about Crate of Nothing, it's a new food subscription business who will deliver you a gaggle of gluten free or dairy free foods for you to try, once a month or as a one off box.  The model reminds me of the subscription service I did with glossybox, but this is food rather than beauty products!

The contents are unknown at time of ordering, but getting a surprise is half the fun! Along with food products, there was also a blogger recipe, this month for brownies and the ingredients to make them, which I really liked, although I havent got around to making them yet!

Crate of nothing 

So what did I get:

Apple & Pear bar by Braw 
Lemon drizzle cake from Incognito

Lime and coconut macaroon by honeyrose
Vitality muffin by Nom Nom
Lemon cake pot by bakes just 4u
Ginger bread by Stephs Kitchen
Bigoz Oat, Coconut ans strawberry porridge pot
Moroccan style vegetable tagine by Illumi 

Crate of nothing contents

The crate costs £22 and that seems the right price point for a monthly delivery, the amount of products feels decent for that, similar to a hamper.  I liked the mix of brands, half I had heard of and half I hadn't, and the quality was good.  

I think it's a really cool idea, there are so many small producers out there who are making great products but are only selling at markets or at trade shows so I am really hoping they will have a chance at a wider audience here, I think it will be especially good for some friends I know who don't live near large supermarkets and so struggle to get hold of new products sold locally. Overall I really hope it takes off as a business, please support it, and if you know of a great small producer they should be stocking for a future 'crate' email or tweet them with your suggestion at @crateofnothing #mycrate


  1. oh wow! what a fabulous thing that's so good, deffo be checking this out now!

    1. Hi Lolly, I know! so good to find out about new products, straight to your door. Kelly

  2. These look fantastic! Am yet to try them but I love getting treats through the post so these would be great! Vicki - The Free From Fairy

  3. This is really good to know. Seen them mentioned a LOT on Twitter but never really knew who they were or what they did exactly. Very tempted to get a one-off box just to see what I get! And let's face it - getting a parcel is ALWAYS exciting, isn't it!?

    Vikki -

  4. Hi Kelly,

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    Kind Regards,

    La Chatica