Wednesday, 16 October 2013

White chocolate and raspberry muffins from Newburn bakehouse

I was very excited to get some white chocolate and raspberry muffins through the post from Newburn bakehouse, I am a long term fan of their gluten free muffins and this flavour was right up my street. 

white chocolate muffins
sample of the Raspberry and White chocolate muffins

I ate one pretty quickly after opening, and it was light with a good texture, slightly moist and very yummy. 

With the second muffin, Warburtons had a recipe for a trifle which I was delighted to try, crumbling the muffins into the bottom of the glass I topped it off with custard, raspberry sauce and white chocolate bits, then topped off with raspberries,  This made it stretch to a desert for 2 and was really nice for a quick desert.  The key is in the ingredients so if you try it use good quality custard.

Quick and easy trifle

So overall, thumbs up for the new muffin flavour, they launched in Tesco on last week!

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