Sunday, 25 August 2013

GF Doughnuts in Greenwich

I cant wait to tell you about my discovery in Greenwich a few weeks ago.  We had decided to meet some friends for lunch in Greenwich and I remembered a recommendation a friend had given me for Ruby Tuesday, a vegan and gluten free cake stall in the market.  

It was a beautiful sunny day so it was pretty busy in the market and outside when I came across the stall.  Firstly it looks wonderful, a lot of care has been taken to lay it out nicely and the cake offerings on show were different and appetising.  

gluten free cakes
yummy cakes

Ruby is the baker but her mum was manning the stall and only allowed me to take a few pictures once I had given her my card and explained I wanted to tell people about her bakes,  apparently lots of people have copied her designs and unusual flavours so I can understand why she was reluctant.  

gluten free doughnuts
gluten free doughnuts
I bought 3 doughnuts and couldn't even wait 5 minutes before scoffing the first one! I had bought the chocolate, raspberry white chocolate and spiced chai.  They are baked doughnuts, and my previous experience of eating baked GF doughnuts were that they were quite dry, not these, the texture was lovely, it was perfect in fact not too moist and not too dry, They have a subtle cinnamon flavour to them which was really nice and for the chocolate covered ones the covering was delicious.  I am a big fan and I am basically trying to think of an excuse to go back there again to try the cupcakes.  

There you go I have shared a hidden gem with you, go forth and eat Ruby Tuesdays cakes, you won't regret it.

Scrumptious 9/10



  1. Good to see a decent variety of flavours available. I have found many of the bought cakes to be a bit hit and miss as they are often made as a token gesture by people who do not have to eat them, but these definitely sound worth a try! And I have been looking for a nice GF doughnut for ages! Will keep my eye out next time I am up that way..........

  2. Hi Kelly,

    Fab blog! I don't know if you came across Sukrin at the Allergy Show, or possibly at the Free From Awards: our company make a lovely gluten-free cake mix that's also sugar free and low carb - we'd love you to try it and let us know what you think. We've had really positive reactions so far.

    Here's a link to some cupcakes I made with it:

    If you would like to mail me at i'd love to send you some to try.