Thursday, 18 April 2013

Freefrom food awards - my top products

This week was my first year attending the awards of the Freefrom food awards presentation and what a fantastic night it was!

The FreeFrom Food Awards are the only Industry awards for freefrom food in the UK so I was really excited to get involved, it started in 2008 and exists to encourage innovation and celebrate excellence in the freefrom food industry. The awards founder is the very lovely Michelle Berriedale-Johnson who started the awards because her family suffered with dairy intolerance and she quickly realised the lack of quality for freefrom foods, luckily through the years she has seen things move on dramatically, and I am sure she has played a part in making that happen.  

The awards have distinctive yellow badges that freefrom brands exhibit with pride, the commended brands and winners are a good sign of a standout product.   Antony Worrall Thompson is a patron as well as the guest judge awarding the winners with their certificates on the night.

I definitely chose the right year to get involved, the venue was in central London with over 200 guests, as well as the presentation, revealing the winners in each category, for the first year, all winning food was laid on for guests in a buffet style!  Getting to choose all the winning products, especially from brands I hadn't come across before was great, and means I can share with you my stand-out products from the night.


1) Dell’Ugo Chickpea Fusilli

I had never heard of or tried the Dell'Ugo range of products before but the Chickpea Fusilii won the innovation award, its a grain free pasta and is something of a revelation! it has a lovely taste and would go very well with a rich sauce like a Ragu.  yummy and I will be tracking it down for my store cupboard. Stockists: Waitrose and Ocado

 2) The Indian Coeliac Paratha

Pretty excited to have an Indian Paratha to try by The Indian Coeliac, lovely soft texture and great spicing would be a lovely alternative to a GF Naan with a curry. Stockists: Available direct from their facebook page or blog

3) Freedom Deli Ham & Cheese Panini

A gluten free Panini!  Yes I was pretty excited, and I was actually a judge on the day this product was featured, big gap in the market, tastes good with nice fillings, can you imagine ordering one in Starbucks?!?! awesome Stockists: Ocado and Goodness direct

4) Pig & Co Lucanian Roman Sausage   

These italian sausages had a really yummy taste, I am still a massive fan of the black farmer, but frankly if these were easy to get hold of I could see myself stocking both in the freezer for those nights you need bangers n mash. Stockists: Various farmers markets


5) Glamourpuds Hot Chocolate Fudge Pudding Pot

Glamourpuds Hot Chocolate Fudge Pudding Pot was really yummy, lovely runny fudgy sauce almost like a fondant, and great that its also dairy free. Stockists: Wholefoods and Fortnum and Mason

6) Christine's Puddings Frangipane Tart

This tart has a lovely taste and almond flavour, this was another product I was lucky enough to judge and I was truly amazed that this tart is gluten and dairy free, it was served warm at the awards night and was delicious. Stockists: Direct or Various Farmers Markets

7) The freefrom bakehouse, chocolate macaroons

These macaroons dont look like a traditional macaroon, but boy do they taste goooood, this product was a commended but rather than a winner but they are so delicious they deserve a place in my top 10. Stockists: Wholefoods and Harvey Nichols

8) Bessant & Drury Dairy Free Frozen Dessert - Lemon

This product won the overall trophy on the night and its easy to see why, its just delicious and the fact is dairy free just has no bearing on the quality, I would eat and buy it and I am not dairy intolerant at all!  Lemony, creamy really nice desert.  Stockists: Waitrose and Tesco

So there you have it, my top products on the night, all delicious, all gluten free and a lot of them dairy free too.  Ocado seem to be the best bet to get hold of most of the products, please let me know what you think of them.

Congratulations to everyone who was commended and who won on the night.

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