Sunday, 17 February 2013

Review - Honeyrose Bakery

Honeyrose is an organic bakery founded by a Danish chef who trained in fine patisserie in Paris.  They are home-baked cakes that use entirely organic ingredients, and are stocked in most of the big supermarkets including Sainsbury’s and Waitrose, as Sainsbury's is my local, I have bought the bite sized brownies and the carrot cake loaf, and had the opportunity to try more of the range this month.

Its great to find good gluten free treats that are made with the best ingredients in the supermarket, whilst the supermarket own brand products are getting better in both taste and quality, I still find the smaller bakery products taste nicer, but its obviously more difficult to find the stockists to buy those products so its great that Supermarkets stock some of them.  Here is what I thought of a few of the honeyrose cakes:

honeyrose banana cake

Chocolate brownies
Little individually wrapped brownies, chewy, squishy yummy chocolate taste, really delicious and I think you can taste the quality of the ingredients. 

Nice coconut taste, I liked the lime, its different and gives them a really nice citrus flavour, these macaroons are a bit denser than some others I have tried but thats not necessarily a bad thing as they still taste really nice.

Banana cake
This is actually more like a bread, Its got a bread like texture and is delicately sweet,  It has a subtle banana flavour which is good.  I like my cakes a bit sweeter so this wouldn’t be top of my list for a cake treat, however I did take a few slices to work to have in the afternoon and it was great with a cup of tea, my 2 year old son also loved it!  and as its not too sweet and sugary I didn’t feel like I was giving him a traditional cake to eat, Its actually a really good little desert for children but didn’t feel indulgent enough for me. 

In summary, I really like the honeyrose range of cakes, the brownies are definitely my favourite and I really appreciate being able to pick the cakes up in my local supermarket. 

Honeyrose organic chocolate brownies – 9/10 scrumptious

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