Sunday, 13 January 2013

2012 Roundup

2012 was a big year for me personally, I went back to work part-time after a years maternity leave,  I made my first ever celebration cake for my son’s first birthday which has opened up a whole new creative hobby for me, and my interest in sugarcraft has continued to grow over the year.  I attended a gluten free Italian cooking course which opened my eyes to new flours and techniques in my cooking, and I also continued to blog and find great gluten free brands as well as wonderful cafes and restaurants that are gluten free friendly, and I have also had the pleasure of meeting other gluten free food bloggers on a few meets ups, and have felt very welcomed by the whole community.

My hero’s this year


Annies Larder

Honeybuns I love, great cakes and with their new cookery book I can now try and recreate some of them at home.  Annie’s larder is a south London baed brad started delivering gluten free lunches in London this year and I try and order a lunch delivery at least once a week, what a treat to have a gluten free baguette delivered to your office!  Perkier foods, the Rocky Road is to die for!  And one of the few gluten free treats I have to hide from my husband!  I am also a complete convert to the Perkier porridges, the best in the market in my opinion!

Eating out

WAGfree bakery
Leon restaurants

I continue to support WAG free bakery in Brixton Village, who continue to provide great gluten free food.  Leon is still a favourite, for healthy fast food with great labelling on the menu.  I have loved the gluten free pizza base explosion this year!  Pizza hut, deliveries from Dominos have all brought conveinience at last when a craving for a pizza comes on, I have been very impressed with Carluccios GF menu and have eaten there regularly this year.

So the best cake of 2012?  It’s the WAGFree mini Victoria sponge!  I absolutely love this cake and cant go anywhere near WAGF without buying and eating one, making a great gluten free sponge is a challenge for anyone so the fact that this cake has such a light sponge which is so delicious is testament to their baking skills. 

WAGFree mini Victoria sponge is Gfcakelovers best gluten free cake of 2012!

Looking forward to 2013

What does 2013 hold?  Well I am very honoured to be chosen as one of the judges for the Freefrom food awards this year which I am really excited about, I am looking forward to continuing with sugar crafting and blogging, and of course seeking out great places to eat out that are safe for people who are gluten intolerant.  I also look forward to continuing to share these finds with you,  please keep commenting and letting me know how I am doing and I hope you continue to find the blog useful.