Saturday, 1 December 2012

My gluten free Christmas

Having been on a gluten free diet for over 20 years,  it's not daunting for me to think about food over the festive period; be prepared is my motto and if I am invited anywhere I often bring my own snacks and treats.  Christmas will be in Bristol this year with my family and my in-laws, who are great at catering for me.  There are still some staples that they, and I, will be buying and I thought I would share these festive items with you.


Most of the traditional Christmas dinner tends to be naturally gluten free, turkey, and lots of yummy veg, to compliment this though, I also buy the following products which the whole family love, even if they are gluten free!

Stuffing: Marks & Spencer's pork and caramelised chestnut stuffing, its absolutely delicious, but sells out quickly

Bread: I take a load of Sainsburys free from ciabattas for sandwiches and a Genius seeded loaf to get me through the Christmas week

Pigs in blankets: It's got to be 'The black farmers daughters chipolatas', wrapped in streaky bacon, yummy!

Montezuma advent 
Yorkshires: I like DS gluten free yorkshire puddings for convenience, nom

Sweet things

Now on to my favourite bit

To make sure I will be scoffing cake throughout the whole Xmas period I actually offer to do all the deserts! A combination of shop bought and things I make myself  

Advent Calendar:

My two favourites are Hotel Chocolat & Montezuma, my hubby bought me the Montezuma Calendar this year, yummy!

To nibble on and to take visiting:  

I am a big fan of hotel chocolat chocolates so will have a box of them to nibble on throughout Christmas; I have also become 
Perkier Rocky Road
a big fan of new brand Perkier, and will have a pack of the Rocky road to take home, you can get these products in Whole Foods.  Another good option is a 
tin of Honeybuns cakes, you get a great selection, they are all individually wrapped and so I have found these a great thing to have with you to take visiting. For the family, it can be tricky to have chocolates for everyone, as none of the popular tins of Roses or Quality street state gluten free on their packaging I will have a few boxes of Thornton's caramel melts this year to share around whilst watching tv, delish and I dont think the family will complain!

Prewetts Chocolate Bourbons

in my opinion Prewetts make the best gluten free biscuits so I have a stash of chocolate bourbons that will be accompanying me to Bristol.  The other biscuits I like are the Byron bay packs, both are available in most supermarkets in the free from aisle.

Christmas day deserts:

I hate Xmas pudding so won't have that at all this Xmas, I will however be indulging in...

A chocolate log from Annie's Larder this year, it looks delicious and will be sure to please my chocolate loving family

I have made a gluten free Xmas cake to have in the afternoon with a nice cup of tea, I am using the recipe in Darina Allen and Rosemary kearneys healthy gluten free recipe book

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without mince pies - I tried them all last year and Genius ran away with the prize, they were the best tasting gluten free mince pie and I will be armed with two boxes to take me through the festive period, another mention though goes to Annies larder, for her delicious mince pies, I have been enjoying some of these in December and you can order them as part of a gluten free Christmas hamper.

I  hope you found this post useful, and maybe even found a few new products to try, have a wonderful gluten free Christmas, stay safe and have fun, I would love to know your favourites?



  1. Thanks for the mention for our Yule Log and mince pies! Hope you have a very happy Christmas x

  2. This is my first gluten free Christmas so I'm going to make a list of everything you just mentioned and buy it all! Fab post!

  3. Thanks Kelly, some new ones for me on there. I agree with you on the M and S stuffing, it's great. They also do an excellent ready made turkey gravy which is gluten free (I'm hopeless at gravy). I won tickets in your competition for Taste of Christmas and have posted some ideas for GF gifts and treats

  4. Hi Kelly - We are a small wholesale bakery that has launched a range of indulgent gluten-free cakes. can we send you some to review ? Kindly let us know at:

    Thanks, Adrian