Sunday, 18 November 2012

Honeybuns - an array of GF deliciousness

I have recently been munching my way through a box of honeybuns cakes, and I can't believe I haven't reviewed them before! My only excuse is that they are such a staple in my cake diet I almost forget that other people might not of heard of them! They often pop up in the most unexpected places, I remember a few years ago in the peak district popping into an old tea shoppe and there on the counter was a honeybuns brownie! I was so happy to be able to sit down and have a brownie with my cup of tea and rest my aching limbs. They are in most Waitrose stores and also in the John Lewis cafes, you can also buy direct from their website.  Getting a gift tin of these delicious cakes is a great thing to have in your cupboard when you need a treat and would make a great Christmas's present for someone who loves cake.  In my box I got a selection listed below:

Gluten free cakes from Honeybuns

Chewy almondi, tasty, not quite a biscuit not quite a cake.

Coppice cake
Cranberry & chocolate chips and one of my favourites 

Congo bar
A nutty take on a millionaires shortbread, delicious

One of my favourite brownies really squidgy and really chocolatey

Lemon moon
Nice lemony cake on polenta

Every single cake was delicious, I am always reassured they are individually wrapped, especially when I see them in shops, I love the branding and the little descriptions inside telling me about the 'bee shack' .  I  am also excited about the recent release of their cookbook which is on my Xmas wish list. Jules didn't get much of a look in but I allowed him a bite of each to get his verification! He also thought they were delicious

So go get a gift tin and host your own afternoon tea (guests optional)!

Coppice cake - 9/10 divine

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  1. Totally agree with you on the Coppice Cake! BUT I LOVE the Caramel Chocolate Shortbread!