Thursday, 18 October 2012

Fria gluten free

Ever since I discovered Fria at the allergy show this year, I have been looking forward to picking some more products to try, at the show, i had some apple muffins and the bread which were both delicious.  My hair appointment last weekend happened to be near Oxford street and I knew that Skandi kitchen is a stockist, so that was my chance to stockup! 

I initially couldnt find any of the products, but when asked, a nice lady showed me where they were kept in the big freezer in the shop part of the shop.  They had bread, muffins and a kladdaka cake and told me they get more stock in regularly.  I purchased a pack of Fria seeded mini baguettes and chocolate muffins.  

Seeded baguettes and Chocolate muffins
As all the products are frozen, and I was going to be out for some time I knew they would defrost whilst I was out.  I waited until the following day and had a baguette toasted for breakfast, you do need to toast the bread as its been frozen, but the bread was really tasty, I really liked the seeds running through it, it gave it a nice nutty taste, I had one of the muffins later that day and thought it was delicious, really chocolatey, nice taste and texture which is really something considering it was frozen! Over the next few days I polished off the bread and muffins and they still tasted good.  So overall still really impressed with this brand of gluten free goodies.  As well as Skandi Kitchen you can also get the products from Goodness direct online, think I might go for the Kladdaka cake next.


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  1. Hi, thanks for the GoodnessDirect link. We love Fria, and talking to their promoters the other day, they were saying that Fria stands up to the 'margerine spread test' ie. it won't break apart even if you spread butter on it untoasted. But I'm glad you're a Fria fan, I am too.