Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Gluten free lunch deliveries in London

Yes you read that right, gluten free lunch deliveries in London!  I had a similar reaction when I heard about Annie's Larder, a new catering company set up by Chef Annie who also runs the secret gluten free supper club on the London/Kent borders.

I work in Farringdon and luckily that is one of the areas they cover, they currently deliver to East and South East London but are hoping to extend locations.  Its very early days but having been to a supper club at Annie's I was really keen to try it as I knew of the quality of the gluten free cooking.  So I booked through the site and selected my lunch options, you can choose from sandwiches or salads with various fillings, one options of cake, fruit or crisps and then a drink option for £6 which I think is pretty reasonable for the quality.  They are happy to drop off at your office or if you don't have a designated receptionist they will meet you at a pre-approved venue.  I collected my lunch from outside of Farringdon station and was very excited to do so!  I got it back to the office, and unwrapped my sandwich, I had chosen a falafel, tomato baguette with chilli sauce, a lemon cake (of course) and an apple juice.  The baguette was quite clearly homemade, it was really delicious, like nothing we normally get to have as a sandwich, the falafel was also homemade and really tasty with cucumber, tomato and a side of chilli sauce really delicious.  The cake was really really good!  Lovely lemon flavour, perfect texture, not too moist not dry and with a lovely lemon glaze, yummy, and a nice apple juice to wash it all down with.  It is such a lovely feeling to have a fresh homemade gluten free sandwich delivered to you at work that I am fully behind this venture and urge you to give it a try, I will be re-ordering for next week.

Annie's Larder

Current area coverage EC2M, EC2N, EC3M, EC3N, EC4M and EC4N - but enquire if you would like to request a new area, link below:


  1. Hi - I enjoyed reading your blog as I was shocked and intrigued that there was such as thing as glutenfree lunch deliveries in London. It inspired me to give it a try and I'm so glad I did. Lunch was delivered ina timely fashion by Annie's very lovely and helpful husband. The food itself was tasty, put together well and portion sizes were good. I was more than full on the standard lunch option. So... thanks for your blog and I'm looking forward to many more Annie's larder lunches!

  2. This lunch service has now gone on hold, please contact the company directly about their products