Thursday, 10 May 2012

Gluten free cake stop in Brighton at Cloud 9

I went to Brighton last weekend for my birthday and of course wanted to find some nice gluten free cake to celebrate the occasion.

One of my fellow gluten free tweeters directed me to Cloud 9, a little cake shop and it also came up a few times when I was researching my trip to Brighton, it was very near the place we had gone for afternoon tea (food for friends) earlier and I now wish we had come to this place instead! It's a really nice little shop tucked around the corner in the lanes, they sell cakes, ice cream and do celebration cakes to order.  It’s only small but has a couple of tables and nice big opulent looking chairs so you can eat in.  

I dashed in and was delighted to see two stands of glorious cakes were gluten free. I didn't have to spend long considering before I went for the Belgian brownie cheesecake slab which is labelled as gluten wise which means (gluten free) I knew Jools was only getting a bite of this one so I also picked up a rather fabulous looking Oreo cupcake for him.  Then off we went for more fun on the pebbly beach. When we got home later that evening, I was looking forward to my cheesecake for dessert, I wasn't disappointed, it was scrumptious, it was very much like an American cheesecake in that it didn't have much of a base to speak of, it had a lovely creamy cheesy texture with a hint of salted caramel and chocolate running through it.  It was much yummier than the cake I had round the corner at food for friends and Jools agrees, I know where I am coming back to for a cake stop next time we are in Brighton!

Belgian brownie cheesecake slab - 9/10 - on cloud 9 with this delight

Verified by Jools

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