Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Better Brownies @ Leon

Have you been to a Leon Café?  I feel like I ‘discovered them’ over 10 years ago when I happened upon their café in Carnaby street, now they have 12 restaurants across London so things are obviously going well!  What I loved about them then and still do, was the clear labelling of food that was GF, and their really strong branding that gave such a standout identity to the place, its billed as healthy fast food and it is almost the only place I have lunch if shopping on Oxford street as they are still on Carnaby street and also have a smaller café on Regent street.  I wanted to review today the brownies at Leon, I have had many a brownie from this café so I thought I should tell you about them if you haven’t already discovered it.  

They are called ‘better brownie’ and are made with Valrhona chocolate (the best chocolate in my opinion)!  I went for a bite last weekend and had a healthy superfood salad knowing I would follow it up with a brownie!  The brownies are moist and gooey, with chunks of chocolate; there is a hint of orange  and a slightly crunchy exterior.  Brownies are the type of ‘cake’ you often get gluten-free, I suppose because they are often made without flour anyway, I have tasted some really good ones, and reviewed some on this blog.  

However, I have never had a brownie as good as a Leon brownie, the chocolate is just so delicious and they don’t taste overly sugary like so many can, I also really like the subtle orange flavour to them, unfortunately this orange flavour doesn’t agree so much with Jools otherwise I think the first 10/10 score would have been achieved for 2012.  

So to conclude, if you are in London you MUST check out Leon for a healthy, reasonably priced lunch, and then blow it and have a brownie for dessert!

Leon ‘Better Brownie’ – scrumptious 9.5/10

Verified by Jools 

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  1. I LOVED eating these Brownies. They are one of the many things that I miss about London...I tried to make these at home and I suppose my american calculations/ingredients were wrong and it ended up an epic fail...I must try again though, they're so lovely!!