Friday, 30 March 2012

East Dulwich bake off

I had great fun entering into the East Dulwich bakeoff this year, I entered my gluten free cupcakes into the 'cakes' category and there were some great competition.  I didnt win anything but had some lovely comments on the day.  It was also a shame I couldnt actually try any of the cakes!  I have asked for a gluten-free category next year as it would be good to enjoy some gluten free cake!  Here are some pictures

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Cosy Cafe for GF Cake in Clevedon

Last weekend we travelled down south and went out for a day trip to Clevedon.  We had a great lunch and a walk along the pier.  Unfortunately it started to rain pretty hard so we decided to drive down to the high street in search of cake!  I had looked up where I might find a Gluten-free cake and happened upon Arnetts Cosy Kitchen on old street.  Its a sweet little cafe, simply decorated with cake pop art prints on the walls.

At the back of the cafe is a glass cabinet with cakes.  As I started looking for the gluten-free options the owner asked me what I was after, he was very friendly and talked a lot about catering for people with coeliac disease.  The cakes looked homemade and I was pleased to find some interesting flavours.  I was drawn to the lime and coconut cake and after I spoke about this blog I was given a very large piece indeed, result!  I am also pleased to report the cake was delicious, really nice flavour, moist, with quite a strong taste of lime coming through.  Jules and I demolished it in the car.  The price was also really good at £1.60 per slice.  Overall, a great stop if you are in Clevedon for really friendly service and yummy gluten free cake.

Lime and Coconut cake 7.5/10 - Scrumptious

Verified by Jules

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Shopping stop @ Chelsea Teapot

Last weekend I was happily shopping on the kings’ road when I suddenly felt the urge for a gluten free cake. I had read about a sweet little tea shop, so set out to find it for some tea and cake.  When I got there a large perspex cupcake stand was in the window with lots of different flavour cupcakes, v good sign!  Once I got in the shop I discovered a sign on the stand telling me that all cupcakes are made with gluten free flour, but that they are baked in the same kitchen as their other cakes, so cross contamination is a possibility.  I tried to take a picture of the lovely cupcakes on the stand and got told off by the waitress,  I don't normally comment on service but I did find it a little indifferent.  We made our way to a set of tables at the back of the shop and sat down with our tea and cake.  

I went for a red velvet cupcake.  It was a good size, large cupcake but not as big as a muffin, great tasting sponge, moist, it had a really good texture but didn’t have a strong taste of anything.  The consistency was good, it didnt crumble too much and the cream cheese topping was really nice, fresh tasting and not too sickly sweet. I ended up surreptitiously taking a shot of the cake once we had sat down!  

Jools loved this cake and said it was one of his favourite gluten free cakes he had tried.  Fingers crossed the service will get a little friendlier as this place is somewhere I would definitely go back to next time I find myself shopping on the Kings Road.

Red Velvet Cupcake 8.5/10

Verified by Jools