Thursday, 16 February 2012

Animal cupcakes from GF cake lover

I have really started to experiment with fondant decorations on cupcakes since my faircake course at the end of last year.  And after my celebration cake success I decided to make some cupcakes for a birthday celebration for nephew.  I searched around Google images to find some inspiration for animal cupcakes using fondant that were simple to make, yet effective.  I also needed to find the correct type of animal based on the few colours I have to use which are only pink, green, turquoise and caramel.  

These were the cakes I produced in the end and I am so happy with how they turned out.  

The pigs are the easiest but so effective, the lion took longest to create based on the amount of small bits that goes into making it.  I also tried to make a frog but it didn’t turn out right, please let me know if you have created little animal cupcakes, I think a panda and a cow could be added easily next time.  The next birthday coming up is my nieces 4th birthday, she is a real little girl so I think for that one I will make pretty cupcakes using my flower and butterfly cutters that are really girlie.

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