Monday, 2 January 2012

Top 3 cakes for 2011

Happy new year everyone!  It’s been a good one, I started this blog, I had a baby and I tasted some very fine gluten free cakes!  As I am still trying to finish off all the cake and chocolate I still have left from the Christmas holidays,  I thought I would post up my top 3 cakes of 2011.

  1. Lola’s – red velvet cupcake – 10/10
  2. Hummingbird Bakery – red velvet cupcake – 9/10 
  3. Franklins Raspberry and Almond sponge cake - 8.5/10

These were the stand out gluten free cakes for me this year and also for Jools who really couldn’t tell they were gluten free and just judged them on how delicious they were!

I am hoping to find some more sweet things to review in 2012 to share with you, and also try more flavours from Lola’s and hummingbird bakery.

I also went on 2 really good cooking courses this year, one was by Sarah Jones, formerly of especially delicious cakes, I used to love her bespoke gluten free cakes and so signed up immediately when she started running baking courses, it was a really great day and I learnt some new ways to bake gluten free basics such as pizza dough, doughnuts, and flaky pastry.  I also went on a Faircake course, which was focused on cupcakes and working with fondant.  They were very accomodating, providing gluten free flour and I really enjoyed this course, the results were fantastic.

So in 2012 I hope to continue to write reviews of the gluten free cakes I try as well as post any outstanding recipes I come across for gluten free baking to share with you.

I hope you continue to follow the blog.

Heres to 2012!

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