Sunday, 15 January 2012

Mousse toppings @ Soulcialise

So I have made my way through the chocolates and cakes from Christmas and after a short break I was ready for a gluten-free cake!

I met a friend in Crystal palace and decided to pop into Soulcialise.  I have been in here and reviewed before, but it was only a few weeks after it opened so I thought I would go back in.

The space was still as the last time I went in, a tea shoppe feeling with florals and white painted tables. It wasn’t very busy and I found it very baby friendly (they have 2 highchairs)

They bake all of their cakes in the same bakery so there is risk of cross contamination, a lot of the cakes are also vegan and dairy free too.

They change the flavours daily and I really enjoy finding out what they will have, my experience is that they are sometimes hit and miss but I do like the variety.

Today I chose a hazelnut cupcake with chocolate mousse, this is what I find to be outstanding about these cupcakes in particular, a lot of the toppings are mousse and I really like that, its fresher than icing and not so sickly sweet. The sponge is good but is occasionally a bit cloying, this might be due to making them vegan, dairy and gluten free, but its not unpleasant, I very much enjoyed my cake, Jools wasn’t as much of a fan as me.

So my verdict is that it’s a lovely little cupcake tea shoppe if you live nearby, pop in and see what they have on offer.

hazelnut cupcake with chocolate mousse– 7.5/10 - delectable

Verified by Jools

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