Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Sainsburys - New product alert - Choc chip brioche rolls

Whilst grocery shopping last week I spotted some new chocolate chip brioche rolls in the freefrom range in Sainsburys, and promptly bought them to try.  I didn't have very high hopes, as I haven't enjoyed the croissants or the pan au chocolate I have tried in this range, both being quite dense and a bit tasteless, however I was very pleasantly surprised with these brioche, they were really nice, good light texture, sweet flavour and lots and lots of chocolate chips yum!

They are quite small so you really need to eat both! They were very nice and I will be buying them again for an indulgent breakfast.

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  1. I've loved these for a while - but be careful when buying - there can be up to a 17% difference in the size of the rolls inside the packs.
    Same price - more (or less) brioche! And considering how expensive these are, it's worth checking when you pick them up!