Thursday, 1 December 2011

Red velvet cupcake @ Lola's

So I finally got to try a Lola’s cupcake, this has been my most anticipated cupcake review, as PR about the company seems to be everywhere right now!  I also follow them on twitter and am regularly inundated with re-tweets of customers saying how wonderful the cakes are.  I had tried to get hold of one in Selfridges and Topshop a few weeks ago but alas they had sold out of gluten free ones (there is 1 gluten free cake flavour per day and when they’re gone they’re gone)! I finally did pick one up in the Topshop concession, the flavour was red velvet. 

Let me start this review by saying it looked beautiful!  It is the most beautiful cupcake I have seen to date, the frosting looks expertly piped, the case is a metallic gold, and the sprinkles are red and a silver glitter and it just looks amazing.  But how does it taste I hear you bellow?  

The sponge is melt-in-your mouth gorgeous, it is a tad crumblier than other sponges but it tastes delicious, it’s a great flavour and a gorgeous deep red colour.  The cream cheese frosting, as well as looking wonderful, tasted heavenly, Jools kept saying ‘are you sure this is gluten free’? Well it doesn’t get any better than that does it?  I have a loyalty card, and I intend to use it, please do more gluten free cakes Lola’s!

Red Velvet Cupcake - 10/10 The best cupcake eva!

Verified by Jools


  1. completely agree but how do we make these ourselves? I just can't work out how they make the cake so light, soft and yummy without gluten!?? Any ideas?

  2. I have been advised that these cupcakes (may) only be wheat free and not gluten free so please check with the store