Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Pie no 3 is – Lovemore free from mince pies – bought from Waitrose

I love shopping in Waitrose, it’s more of a special occasion shop for me but I always love the quality of food I get.  Their own brand free from range however has always disappointed me as I haven’t felt the quality is very good, Waitrose are always good at buying in good brands though and I discovered lazy days initially in Waitrose, which I love. 

I didn’t find any own brand mince pies in Waitrose but they did have Lovemore which I tried.

The look didn’t impress me, it was very ‘made in a factory’ looking, they actually reminded me a lot of Mr Kipling’s apple pies!  They were a nice golden colour, My first bite revealed a thick layer of pastry, there was a strange aftertaste from the fruit and overall I didn’t like these at all, Jools refused to have more than one bite as he said they were so horrible!  How disappointing, I would definitely not recommend these, they are by far the worst I have tried. 

Overall score 1/5 – only good enough for Santa 

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