Thursday, 17 November 2011

Low calorie gluten free cakes from Petit Pois

I went into Selfridges today on a mission to buy some Petit Pois cupcakes I had read about.  They weren’t that easy to find!  I asked a few people and eventually I found them on top of  the counter in the patisserie section opposite the macaroons.  They come in a box of two, I went for the chocolate and vanilla flavours.  I was intrigued to try them, as I had read an article describing how the butter had been replaced with vegetables in the sponge, making them half the fat of a normal cupcake and naturally gluten free!

I got myself to a local cafe,  served the cakes up and got an uncertain look from Jools!  They look like a normal iced cupcake apart from the pea on top that gives the veggie theme away.  We started with the vanilla flavour, when cut in-half you can see strands of green going through the sponge, (this one has courgette in it), the sponge is pretty tasty, good consistency and texture, but its not as sweet as normal cupcake sponges.  The icing was standard but nice.  Next we tried the chocolate cake, we both felt you could taste the vegetable more in this one (beetroot), the sponge looks a red/brown colour, it wasn’t unpleasant but Jools really didn’t like this one.  

Overall I think its impressive that the sponge tastes so nice with the addition of vegetables, but personally, I do prefer a sweeter cupcake with butter cream frosting, and I don’t really agree with some of the reviews that its as good as the calorie laden variety, I wont be in a hurry to try them again.  If you are on a diet or watching the calories however, these are a good option.

You buy the two together so we have scored them that way too

Chocolate & Vanilla cupcakes - 6.5/10 vegtastic!

Verified by Jools

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