Sunday, 27 November 2011

Freefrom Festival – Sugargrain mince-pie cupcake

I had been so excited about the Freefrom festival, and had to wait until the last day to get down to the Southbank!  There were a good selection of stalls in the square and I was pleased to see a few brands that were on my wish list that sell gluten free cakes to try!

The first of which was Sugargrain, they are sold in Selfridges and at Borough Market and had a really good selection of gluten free cakes at the festival.  The mince-pie cup cake caught my eye; I love a bit of seasonal flavouring this time of year.

The cupcake itself didn’t look anything special, the icing was just spread on the top and it was in a plain casing, not deterred I bought one to take home later.   When I got home with a cup of tea I tucked in.  The frosting was traditional icing with brandy butter flavouring, it was delicious and the brandy butter flavour really came through strongly.  The sponge was nice, if I was being really picky I would say a teeny bit on the dry side but it was a good texture and taste, I didn’t get any of the mince-pie flavour but there were raisins in the sponge which was nice and complimented the icing.

Overall the icing did overpower the cake but as it was so nice I didn’t mind! Jools also liked it and it made us feel all Christmassy!  I should also mention the price, most of the cupcakes I buy are £2.50 which is quite pricey, these were only £1.70 which was really good value for money, I will definitely be buying a Sugargrain gluten free cake again.

Mince-pie cupcake - 8/10 yummy with jingle bells on top!

Verified by Jools 

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