Thursday, 10 November 2011

Chocolate Hazelnut loaf @ Starbucks

I ducked into a Starbucks today to avoid the rain and decided to get a coffee and a cake.  I have always been very grateful to Starbucks as they have always catered early on for people who are gluten-intolerant; they were certainly one of the first to stock a gluten-free brownie and then a sandwich!  Alas, although I applaud them for this, I don’t actually rate their coffee or their cakes!  This was one of the larger Starbucks so as well as its gf brownie they also had a Chocolate Hazelnut loaf that was gluten free.  I settled down with my vanilla latte and cake and started to tuck in.

The positives are that it does taste very chocolaty, in fact that is the only positive about it.  It was too dry, had an unpleasant aftertaste and wasn’t very flavourful.  It just didn’t taste very nice!

It’s a real shame the cake wasn’t better, as having 2 gf cakes to choose from in a mainstream coffee bar really is great, but honestly, they need to up the standard as whilst choice is good, they have to taste nice too

Jules wasn’t impressed at all and gave the cake a low score; we have compromised on what is quite generous.

My advice, if there is nothing else on offer the brownie is ok (will do a brownie in coffee shops review soon)

Chocolate Hazelnut loaf 5/10 disappointing

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  1. I think you were unlucky - I've had it several times (inc motorway) and it was fab - rich and choclatey!