Sunday, 23 October 2011

Cupcake heaven @ bake-a-boo

I made a trip across London today to check out a cake shop I have heard lots of good things about.  Bake-a-boo in West Hampstead is a cute little cake shop which specialises in afternoon tea.  We turned up earlyish as I had heard it can get very busy.  The cake shop itself is really sweet, smaller than I had imagined, with around 5 tables and a mix of young girls having cake as well as women with children having tea.  We took our place at the back of the shop on a long table and ordered tea, coffee and asked about the selection of cakes.  There were 3 options that were gluten free, raspberry, blueberry and an orange and almond.   

Both Jools and I went for the raspberry; our drinks arrived in lovely floral mismatched cups and saucers, along with our cakes.  The raspberry cupcake looked good, smooth frosting, which was simply done, and with a raspberry popped on top, it was on the small side and the sponge also had raspberries inside.  It was a good texture and very flavourful, the icing was really nice and tasted of fresh raspberries rather than colouring.  Overall I enjoyed the shop atmosphere and the cakes, but I am not sure I would recommend travelling a long way to go and visit just for the cake. Jools felt the same.

Gluten-free raspberry cupcake – 7.5/10  delish!

Verified by Jools 

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