Thursday, 11 August 2011

Unusual flavoured cupcakes and a cup of tea at Soulcialize

I discovered a cute little tea and cake shop in Crystal palace that does Gluten-free and Vegan cup cakes.  Its on Westow Hill and has lots of space with Cath Kidston style table cloths.  It attracts yummy mummys from the area during the afternoons and is child friendly.  The cup cakes are often very unusually flavoured and they dont always advertise the fact that they are Gluten-free as they dont have a seperate kitchen so there is risk of cross-contamination.  I have had a few cakes from the shop and my only criticism is that the decoration is quite amateur and that the unusual flavours dont always work, today I plumped for the mint choc cupcake, it was a choc cake with mint flavoured icing, this pairing really worked and it was a yummy cake, Jools loves mint choc chip ice-cream so was also impressed.  This cafe is pretty new to the area and I hope it does well, so go along and sample some cakes!

The mint choc cupcake has been my favourite yet so I am giving it 7.5/10

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