Sunday, 7 August 2011

Retro cupcakes from Ms Cupcake

I wandered down to the West Norwood feast today, its a street market that started up this year on the first Sunday of every month. The star of the show for me however is that Ms Cupcake comes further south from her home in Brixton to have a stall at the market. Their cupcakes are all Vegan and they do a few flavours that are also Gluten-free, they are beautifully presented and have unusual flavours such as green tea and banoffee pie. I am also impressed with the care they take over things like their branding and packaging, really cute little boxes and a very distinctive look and colour palette. Today they had one gluten-free flavour which was vanilla, I carried it home in its cute little box and tucked in with a cup of tea, it was very good as usual, although the icing to cake ratio was too much (I always lop off the top of the icing). Jools had bought a triple chocolate (non GF) cupcake and was tucking into that, he sampled a quarter of mine as always and confirmed it was very good but slightly denser than his.

So my marks for Ms Cupcake's gluten-free vanilla cupcake is 7.5/10

Verified by Jools

Ms Cupcake

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