Thursday, 18 August 2011

Cakes by the pool

I love lido's in the summer and Brockwell Lido Cafe is a great place to hang out when the sun shines.  I was there today with some mummy friends, the food is good but there is only one Gluten-free option for cakes, its an orange, lemon, polenta cake, so I ordered that with a cappucino.  The cake was ok, it was a bit drier than my favourite polenta cakes, you can taste a hint of Orange which is nice but its not sweet enough, nothing on the top and honestly it could do with some icing sugar or something.  Overall, good to have an option but its a very average polenta cake.  If you find yourself here on a sunny day then have fun and order the elderflower sorbet instead!

Marks for the Orange, Lemon and Polenta cake 5/10, could do better

Verified by Jools

Brockwell Lido Cafe

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