Thursday, 4 August 2011

Best supermarket cake award goes to...... M&S hands down!

Supermarkets have been stocking gluten-free products, (often referred to as free-from) for a while now, which is fantastic as it makes our life a hell of a lot easier. However the cakes and biscuits on offer can still be a bit hit and miss. I have tried all the supermarket cakes, and at the time of writing this post M&S is the outright winner. Their GF victoria sponges, available in chocolate and lemon are FANTASTIC!! They really are great tasting with lovely buttercream and are also fantastic value for money, so if you are having friends round, having a mummy coffee morning or need a quick birthday cake for someone who is gluten intolerant, this is the cake to buy. I bet they wont even guess its gluten free

M&S Chocolate and Cherry sponge cake 8/10

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