Monday, 22 August 2011

Red Velvet cake at the Hummingbird Bakery

When I read an article last month that the Hummingbird bakery had introduced a 'made without' range I was very excited indeed!  I had often endured friends turning up to dinner parties with a box full of these beautiful looking cakes and cursed my gluten intolerance! I promptly found the nearest Hummingbird bakery which happened to be near where my husband works, and sent him off with orders to bring me back a cake for a special friday night treat.

He did as he was bid and came home with a beautiful little box, there was one option for 'made without' on the day and it happened to be a red velvet cupcake.  The cupcake was absolutely delicious!  It was a perfect size, not a big muffin like some cakes I have had, the appearance was nice and simple and the colour was a deep maroon red, the cake itself was moist, had a good texture and was tasty, the cream cheese icing really complimented the cake and was really creamy and had a lovely aftertaste.  This was a pretty perfect cake and Jools agreed.  I will definitely be sending him back for more

For the red velvet cake from the made without range - a very good 9/10

verified by Jools

hummingbird bakery

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Cakes by the pool

I love lido's in the summer and Brockwell Lido Cafe is a great place to hang out when the sun shines.  I was there today with some mummy friends, the food is good but there is only one Gluten-free option for cakes, its an orange, lemon, polenta cake, so I ordered that with a cappucino.  The cake was ok, it was a bit drier than my favourite polenta cakes, you can taste a hint of Orange which is nice but its not sweet enough, nothing on the top and honestly it could do with some icing sugar or something.  Overall, good to have an option but its a very average polenta cake.  If you find yourself here on a sunny day then have fun and order the elderflower sorbet instead!

Marks for the Orange, Lemon and Polenta cake 5/10, could do better

Verified by Jools

Brockwell Lido Cafe

Monday, 15 August 2011

The perfect place to stop in the West end, Muffinskis

I was off to meet a friend in Covent Garden, and I had already planned my detour to Muffinskis on the way! Muffinskis is right in the heart of covent garden just off of the main market square and they have the most delicious gluten-free muffins!  My favourite is raspberry and white chocolate, the lovely ladies behind the counter asked if I wanted it warmed a little, yes please!  I then sat down with a cup of tea and tucked in.  It was delicious, great texture, lots of fruit and the sweetness of the chocolate, really great.  I bought a second one to take home for desert, Jools insisted on half, he agreed they are superior muffins. Overall the place to go if you are shopping in CG.

Muffinskis get a very good 8/10 for their raspberry and white chocolate muffin

verified by Jools

Muffinskis - Covent Garden

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Unusual flavoured cupcakes and a cup of tea at Soulcialize

I discovered a cute little tea and cake shop in Crystal palace that does Gluten-free and Vegan cup cakes.  Its on Westow Hill and has lots of space with Cath Kidston style table cloths.  It attracts yummy mummys from the area during the afternoons and is child friendly.  The cup cakes are often very unusually flavoured and they dont always advertise the fact that they are Gluten-free as they dont have a seperate kitchen so there is risk of cross-contamination.  I have had a few cakes from the shop and my only criticism is that the decoration is quite amateur and that the unusual flavours dont always work, today I plumped for the mint choc cupcake, it was a choc cake with mint flavoured icing, this pairing really worked and it was a yummy cake, Jools loves mint choc chip ice-cream so was also impressed.  This cafe is pretty new to the area and I hope it does well, so go along and sample some cakes!

The mint choc cupcake has been my favourite yet so I am giving it 7.5/10

Verified by Jools

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Retro cupcakes from Ms Cupcake

I wandered down to the West Norwood feast today, its a street market that started up this year on the first Sunday of every month. The star of the show for me however is that Ms Cupcake comes further south from her home in Brixton to have a stall at the market. Their cupcakes are all Vegan and they do a few flavours that are also Gluten-free, they are beautifully presented and have unusual flavours such as green tea and banoffee pie. I am also impressed with the care they take over things like their branding and packaging, really cute little boxes and a very distinctive look and colour palette. Today they had one gluten-free flavour which was vanilla, I carried it home in its cute little box and tucked in with a cup of tea, it was very good as usual, although the icing to cake ratio was too much (I always lop off the top of the icing). Jools had bought a triple chocolate (non GF) cupcake and was tucking into that, he sampled a quarter of mine as always and confirmed it was very good but slightly denser than his.

So my marks for Ms Cupcake's gluten-free vanilla cupcake is 7.5/10

Verified by Jools

Ms Cupcake

Friday, 5 August 2011

Cafe by the park

The Gardens is a relatively new cafe that opened at the beginning of the year opposite Peckham rye park. Its a lovely cafe with lots of glass and has a boutique feel about it, lots of space and a room out the back that is baby/child friendly with toys etc. Because of this its full of yummy mummys from the Dulwhich/Peckham areas during the day, having coffee and cake. Today I sampled its Polenta and pear cake which was a combination I havent had before, as lovely as the space is I am not sure the same compliments can be bestowed upon its GF cake! On the plus side it was very moist but too sickly sweet for my tastes, Jools agreed.

The Gardens cafe therefore gets 6/10 for its Pear and Polenta cake

Verified by Jools

no website at time of writing

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Best supermarket cake award goes to...... M&S hands down!

Supermarkets have been stocking gluten-free products, (often referred to as free-from) for a while now, which is fantastic as it makes our life a hell of a lot easier. However the cakes and biscuits on offer can still be a bit hit and miss. I have tried all the supermarket cakes, and at the time of writing this post M&S is the outright winner. Their GF victoria sponges, available in chocolate and lemon are FANTASTIC!! They really are great tasting with lovely buttercream and are also fantastic value for money, so if you are having friends round, having a mummy coffee morning or need a quick birthday cake for someone who is gluten intolerant, this is the cake to buy. I bet they wont even guess its gluten free

M&S Chocolate and Cherry sponge cake 8/10

Yummy Polenta cakes at Beamish and McGlue

So Beamish & Mcglue is my local go to cake shop as its on my high street, but that doesnt mean the cakes are not yummy! they always have at least one for sale which you can buy by the slice, often its a Polenta cake and an almond bliss cake. The Polenta cake is really good. I know us Coeliacs often get the choice of a Polenta cake but this one is very good quality, the Almond bliss is passable but not my favourite. They occasionally have a 2 tier chocolate cake which is really good. Its a small deli in West Norwood south east london, which also stocks some gluten free biscuits and lots of nice organic meat, tea and veg.

My score for B&M is 8/10 for their Polenta cake, a good score

verified by Jools